No matter how many times you watch your favorite sport, every event is a unique experience. Hence, every sporting facility needs to be appropriately equipped, especially with quality sports lights, to provide the audiences with the best experience possible. If you're managing a small venue or you're new to managing such facilities, here's why you need to invest in quality sports lights and only get them from a  trusted Australia LED lighting supplier:  

Improves visibility

Appropriate lux level for the type of sporting activity and meeting the required uniforty denominator over the play space will make it easier to see the players movements and boundary lines. Lighting levels meeting the Australian Standards (AS 2560.2) will make it easier for the players but also help the umpire to make a clear judgment on any misplay. Additionally, eliminating glare with the use of anti-glare guards is something that leading LED lighting suppliers can offer to minimize misjudgment by players, creating a safer game. In certain fast moving sports, visibility is crucial in determining the movement and direction of the ball. Aside from losing a point, athletes could be at risk of getting hurt or injured in fast-games if glare is managed effectively. The correct pole height to get the luminaire well above eye height also plays a big part in minimizing glare.

Energy and cost efficiency

Using LED sports lighting improves energy efficiency. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights operate on a much higher efficiency per watt using less energy to run. Opting for LED lighting doesn't only decrease power bills, but will also decrease your maintenance costs since they are less susceptible to environmental factors which can damage traditional bulbs and make them malfunction. This means that you won't have the ongoing cost for the replacement of bulbs plus the hassle of fitting them which can be very expensive if it requires specialized lifting equipment.  

Generate less heat

Certain environmental factors can cause damage to the facilities over time. When choosing the lights for your sports facility, it is highly recommended that you opt for lighting solutions that generate less heat which also equates to a longer life cycle of the product. No matter the size of the sports facility you're managing, it is good to think in terms of the whole life cycle of the product including the maintenance requirements. This is what puts LED lighting in a category of its own as it outperforms other options on the market for its low maintenance, low running cost and longevity. Whether you are needing some technical advice with your lighting situation or you want some data on the long term savings by upgrading to LED’s, Vizona can provide you all the support you need. Vizona’s range of small to large and high-powered flood lights which are designed to suit Australian conditions can more than cater to the specific requirements of your venue. We have adapted our product range to use materials that are resilient, long-lasting and with consideration of the environment.