With the development of LED lights and solar lighting solutions, contractors, builders, and retail consumers now have more options for lighting solutions. No matter what area you're trying to illuminate, it only makes sense that you choose the best possible option that is suitable to your budget. Whilst being wise with the cost is crucial, it is best that you don't compromise on the quality of the lights when making your choice. Thanks to the ever-evolving LED lighting technology there are now more options to choose from depending on your intended use for these lights. For example, most communities are switching to LED lights for roadways since they are brighter and more cost-efficient.

Here are some of the qualities you need to look out for when choosing street lights:

Protection of Power Supply

Unlike other lighting systems, street lights are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, extreme heat, and sometimes even lightning. Hence, it is important to make sure that the lamps and power sources are able to withstand such conditions without sustaining damage. Good quality roadway lighting must have the following:
  • Circuit breaker at the bottom of the pole to isolated the power supply.
  • A power shut-off switch inside the luminaire.
  • Surge protection


When choosing the appropriate light, consider the location or placement of the light. This factor is crucial in making sure that the area will have just the right illumination. For alleyways or outdoor park lighting, consider using LED lights as they are generally brighter than older technology traditional lighting. This way you will probably require less lights for the same area. When choosing lights, take care to consider lumens, watts or and photometric data to make sure it will deliver the light to the right spot (on the road surface) without an unacceptable level of light spill on surrounding areas.

Overall Light Housing

As mentioned above, streetlights and car park lighting Australia are exposed to extreme conditions, so the right choice of material for the housing is very important. Choosing quality materials such as die-cast aluminium can help prolong the lifespan of streetlights. This saves you from expensive maintenance and replacing fitting prematurely When possible, choosing streetlighting fixtures we recommend going for housings that are not prone to rusting such as traditional pressed metal construction. This way, you will have much greatly longevity with the fitting as it will protect the hardware inside. It is important to also make sure the lighting has been through necessary laboratory testing and achieved an IP66 rating or greater, so it is soundly protected against the ingress dust and moisture. Whether you need advice on what street lighting solution is most suited to your next project or you are looking for quality lighting products that allows you to maximise your budget, Vizona can offer the product to fit the specific requirement. Vizona provides unique urban lighting solutions built for Australian conditions. We have adapted our product range to use materials that are resilient, long-lasting and have impact on the environment.