Hot dip galvanizing is a sacrificial coating that helps to prevent rusting of iron or steel. The zinc coating applied through the hot dip galvanizing process acts as a barrier between the metal and the surrounding environment, preventing the iron or steel from coming into contact with water and oxygen, which are the main factors that cause rusting.

Why galvanize finish light poles?

In addition to acting as a physical barrier, the zinc coating also provides cathodic protection to the underlying metal. This means that the zinc sacrificially corrodes instead of the underlying metal, as zinc is more reactive and readily gives up electrons to protect the steel or iron. Therefore, even if the zinc coating is scratched and the underlying metal is exposed, the zinc will continue to provide cathodic protection to the exposed metal, preventing or slowing down the rusting process. Overall, hot dip galvanizing is an effective and widely used method for preventing rusting of iron or steel, particularly in harsh environments where corrosion is more likely to occur. Therefore, hot dip galvanised light poles are an excellent choice for a vast range of applications such as coastal environments, corrosive industrial locations, mine sites etc. Vizona’s range of hot dip galvanised light poles and High Mast Poles comply with all the applicable Australian standards for both structural requirements and hot dip galvanised treatment.

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