Advantages of LED lighting in car parks

  • High-efficiency illumination
  • Lower running costs
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Superior optical light control minimising pollution
  • Near zero maintenance – increased lifecycle
  • Smart management compatible

Compliance with Australian Standards

Applying the correct lighting standard to parking areas used at nighttime is important to maintaining safety. Specific requirements are outlined in AS/NZS 1158.1.1 relating to the volume of pedestrian activity and vehicle movement giving specified lux levels that need to be maintained.Pedestrian crossings points must be arranged with the correct horizontal and vertical illuminance to make pedestrians visible in all kinds of conditions. Drivers need to be able to quickly identify when a person is crossing a vehicle access area and give them a safe passage.Consideration of CPTED guidelines is also advisable when setting up lighting in a new or existing parking area. These guidelines help to mitigate anti-social activity and crime.Speak to the Vizona team about your car park lighting requirements TODAY for some free advice.

Vizona’s Comprehensive Service

Vizona can comprehensively take care of your car park lighting requirements.
  • Lighting design
  • LED Lighting
  • Poles
  • Footing cages

Lighting Designs and Calculations

Lighting Designs and Calculations are recommended for many projects. It removes uncertainty, confirms the best economies, and ensures the perfect outcome. It will give an exact outline of the lighting levels to be achieved and confirm compliance with the standards.