Vizona, has supplied Strathfield Council with a large quantity of aluminium poles to support their festoon lighting on Rochester Street in Homebush, New South Wales. These sleek and durable poles not only elevate the aesthetics of the area but also serve as versatile structures to support additional hardware, including CCTV cameras, signs, and more.

Strathfield Council has always been committed to creating vibrant and inviting public spaces for its community. The installation of festoon lighting on Rochester Street adds a touch of enchantment and transforms the ambiance of the area, particularly during the evening hours. These decorative lights, suspended between the black aluminium poles supplied by Vizona, create a captivating atmosphere that enhances the experience of patrons visiting the nearby cafes.

This is just one example of the many uses for custom made aluminium poles which are extremely durable and are not prone to rusting. Speak to the Vizona team about the options available.