Vizona, a leading provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions, has supplied 19 high-quality 30W LED lights mounted on 4-meter poles for the facility's carpark of the new Graces Place facility in Doonside, New South Wales which is dedicated to supporting children impacted by homicide. Graces Place stands as a beacon of hope and healing, providing a safe haven for children who have experienced the tragic effects of homicide. The facility aims to offer comprehensive support, counseling, and therapeutic services to help these children rebuild their lives and find solace amidst their pain.

A well-lit environment was an import requirement at this facility and Vizona has gone above and beyond to provide an optimal lighting solution. The installation of 19 x 30W LED lights on 4-meter poles in the carpark ensures excellent visibility and enhances safety for both staff and visitors, particularly during evening hours.

The choice of 30W LED lights strikes a balance between providing sufficient brightness and maintaining energy efficiency. These lights emit a powerful glow that ensures the entire car park is well-illuminated with uniform light coverage, enhancing visibility and instilling a sense of safety for all who visit Graces Place.