The Southern NT Indigenous Softball Championships hold a significant place in the hearts of women and their families residing in the Northern Territory. Recognizing the importance of this competition, Vizona has responded to the call from the Central Land Council to address the challenge of providing night lighting for the Softball Field in Kaltukatjara, also known as Docker River. Overcoming the obstacles posed by the community's remote location and the difficulties associated with hardwired lighting installation, Vizona has devised an innovative solution by implementing a comprehensive off-grid solar lighting system. With the successful installation of 18 poles at 12 meters high and equipped with 100-watt LED solar lights, the local Indigenous community is experiencing the benefits of this upgraded softball field.

The benefits of this innovative upgrade extend beyond the surface as it contributes to the sustained health and wellbeing of the local community who have a great passion for softball and other recreational activities. Furthermore, Vizona's commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions aligns with the principles cherished by the Kaltukatjara Community. The installation of the new lighting system, has brought about transformational change, enabling the community to engage in softball activities during evening hours and fostering a sense of pride and unity. The success of this project establishes a model for future projects that prioritise eco-friendly solutions while catering to the specific needs of remote communities.