IK10 is a rating system used to measure the impact resistance of electrical equipment, including outdoor lighting fixtures. The rating is based on the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 62262, which defines the level of protection provided by an enclosure against mechanical impacts.An IK10 rating means that the lighting fixture has been tested and found to be highly resistant to impacts and vandalism and can withstand an impact of 20 joules. This makes it suitable for use in public areas and other places where the risk of damage or vandalism is high.In general, the IK rating system is used to assess the level of protection provided by enclosures against a range of external mechanical impacts, such as falling objects, deliberate vandalism, or accidental impacts. The higher the IK rating, the more resistant the equipment is to these types of impacts.

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Vizona’s lights all have high IK ratings. One product type where this is particularly important is Solar Bollard Lights. Vizona offers two bollards with IK10 rating: Basso and Nomad.