No matter how big or small your commercial space is, installing decorative lighting can help set the ambience and mood of an area. Upgrading your lighting makes a big difference to customers' experience when visiting your premises.


A decorative light pole is often added to commercial spaces for aesthetic purposes. However, they are not randomly placed but are carefully positioned to provide the best lighting effect and highlight specific landscape features. Whether they are close to walls or in the middle of an open space, they can be used to provide improved visibility, especially at night or when natural light does not reach the space.

Direct focus

Whether it's decorative street light poles, smaller lamps, or uniquely shaped light fixtures, you can use decorative lighting to direct the attention of your visitors. For example display, areas and showrooms can use decorative lighting to illuminate pathways to guide people to suitable locations and also highlight specific products. You may opt to use different coloured LED lights to draw attention to something specific. There are a lot of methods that can be employed with both subtle or bold lighting to achieve the desired effect with your lighting. With a management system, you can also program them to go on and off with dimming capabilities.


Vizona has a vast range of decorative lighting for street and area Lighting including a range of aluminium poles that have their own distinctive finish. Aluminium is particularly good in coastal locations and highly corrosive industrial applications. Making the right choices at the beginning can save you a lot of maintenance and cost in the long termWhether you need advice on the best lighting solution for your project or know what products give you longevity, the Vizona team can help you through the decision-making process to guarantee you great value and a perfect result. Vizona provides unique urban lighting solutions built for Australian conditions only using premium-grade componentry approved for use in our market. We have adapted our product range to use materials that are resilient, long-lasting and have a minimal carbon footprint.